Conference Proceedings (13.3 MB)

Conference Venue
Rectorate of University of Belgrade, Studenski trg 1, Belgrade.
Registration desk will be located in the Entrance Hall of the University of Belgrade, and it will be opened during all time of the Conference.
Opening — MAIN HALL
26 SeptemberOpening and Plenary lectures
(Starting from around 09:30)
27 SeptemberSection Lectures, Oral and poster Presentations
28 SeptemberExcursion
29 SeptemberSection Lectures, Oral and poster Presentations
30 SeptemberSection Lectures, Oral and poster Presentations
Closing Session (At about 17:00)
AChemical Thermodynamics
BSpectroscopy, Molecular Structure, Physical Chemistry of Plasma
CKinetics, Catalysis
DNonlinear Dynamics, Oscillatory Reactions, Chaos
FBiophysical Chemistry, EPR Investigations of bio-systems, Photochemistry, Radiation Chemistry
GRadiochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry
HMaterial Science
ISolid State Physical Chemistry
JMacromolecular Physical Chemistry
KEnvironmental Protection, Forensic Sciences, Geophysical Chemistry
LPhase Boundaries, Colloids, Liquid Crystals, Surface-Active Substances
MComplex Compounds
NGeneral Physical Chemistry
OPharmaceutical Physical Chemistry
PEducation, History
QFood Physical Chemistry
RPhysico-Chemical Analysis
SFree Topic
Oral presentations
The Power Point presentation must be available on CD-Rom or flash memory and prepared with Power Point for Windows XP. Optionally, laptop can be used. Overhead projector will be available also.
Poster presentation
The posters should be mounted on the board 0.80m wide and 1.20m high.

Tentative List of Invited Lecturers:

Plenary Lectures

Antonio Cricenti (Italy)
Biomedical and Material Science Applications by Scanning Near-field Optical Infrared Microscopy
Monika Fleischer (Germany)
Nanofabrication and spectroscopy of plasmonic nanocones
Vilmos Gáspár (Hungary)
Dynamical Instabilities in Electrochemical Systems
Katica Hedrih (Serbia)
Universal method across different area of sciences and transient of knowledge flows
Ulrich Kortz (Germany)
Polyoxometalate Chemistry: From Synthesis and Structure to Catalysis and Biomedicine
Tatjana Parac Vogt (Belgium)
Polyoxometalate complexes as artificial metalloenzymes
David Parker (UK)
PARASHIFT MRI: a challenge to shift and relaxation theory
Igor Pašti (Serbia)
First principles insights in graphene functionalization for energy conversion applications
Vladana Vukojević (Sweden)
FCS: The development of methods and applications in biomedical research

Section Lectures

Gordana Ćirić-Marjanović (Serbia)
Nanostructured polyanilines and their carbonized forms: synthesis, characterization and application
Nenad Filipović (Serbia)
Mathematical modeling of plaque formation and progression
Lente Gábor (Hungary)
Fallacies in reaction kinetics
Elmar Fuchs (Netherlands)
Protons in an aqueous electrohydroynamic liquid bridge
Beata Kalska-Szostko (Poland)
Magnetic nanostructures
Teresa Kowalska (Poland)
Possibilities and limitations of selected analytical tools to trace non-linear chemical processes
Stevan Maćešić (Serbia)
Advances in the modeling of the oscillating chemical reactions
Katarina Novaković (UK)
From small to large molecule substrates in oscillatory carbonylation
Bogdan Novakovski (Poland)
Reaction-diffusion model for embryo morphogenesis
Robert Sandulescu (Romania)
Natural and biomimetic receptors for biosensor design
Guy Schmitz (Belgium)
I2O preparation and reactions in aqueous solutions
Igor Schreiber (Czech Republic)
Network motifs and mechanisms for oscillatory dynamics of biochemical reactions
Jelena Savović (Serbia)
Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Nikolaj Stepanov (Russia)
Van Vleck perturbation theory in vibrational problems
Erik Szabo (Hungary)
Oxygen Production in Bray-Liebhafsky Reaction: Genetic Algorithm Search for Improved Agreement of a Model with Experiment
Zoran Šaponjić (Serbia)
Ferromagnetic behavior of Mn2+ doped titania nanotubes
Radmila Tomovska(Spain)
Water-borne polymer and composite nanostructured particles
Ágota Tóth (Hungary)
Spatiotemporal instabilities induced by electric field
Aleksey Vedyagin (Russia)
Study of MgO transformation into MgF2 in the presence of CF2Cl2
Slobodan Zdravković (Serbia)
Microtubules: dynamics, soliton waves, some roles in the cell

(List is not exhaustive)