Section for Education
(founded in 1990; chairman: Dr Dragica Minić)
Section for Nonlinear Phenomenon and Complex Systems
(founded in 1993; chairman: Dr Ljiljana Kolar-Anić)
Section for Physical Chemistry of Materials
(founded in 1995; chairman: Dr Borivoj Adnađević)
Section for Spectroscopy
(founded in 1995; chairman: Dr Jelena Savović)
Section for Electrochemistry
(founded in 2000; chairman: Dr Slavko Mentus)
Section for Catalysis
(founded in 2003; chairman: Dr Tatjana Novaković)
Section for Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules
(founded in 2003; chairman: Dr Milenko Plavšić)
Section for Young Scientists
(founded in 2012; chairman: Dr Igor Pašti)
Section for Ionizing and Non-ionizing Radiation
(founded in 2015; chairman: Dr Ljubiša Ignjatović)